Shadoc is a simple and easy to use platform, intended for companies and individuals allowing to sign one or more documents electronically, to store them, to share them easily and safely.

You can access it at any time, from your computer, tablet or smartphone and without installing an application.

With Shadoc, you can obtain your Digigo electronic certificate issued by the National Agency for Electronic Certification (Tuntrust) and recognized by administrations and State services.

How to use Shadoc?

  1. Sign up and create your Shadoc profile.
  2. Obtain your Digigo certificate from Tuntrust.
  3. Sign and exchange your document electronically with a few clicks anytime from any device.

Shadoc allows you to dematerialize the process of your signature and to sign documents with a signature with legal value in accordance with the regulations in force.

How do I sign electronically?

  1. Download your PDF, Word, Excel or any other format document from your device
  2. Sign electronically with your Digigo Certificate in a few clicks
  3. Add your recipient's email address then send your signed document directly to Shadoc

Secure storage space on Shadoc

On Shadoc, you can archive your documents in an unlimited and secure virtual space thanks to:

What are Shadoc's values?