We have developed an eFawateer solution available to Tunisian companies allowing them to dematerialize their commercial invoices.

With eFawateer, the company also has the choice of establishing electronic invoices and signing them electronically, and because electronic invoices must be signed and archived by the authorized body TTN, we have signed a contract for subscription to the elfatoora service with TTN to facilitate the electronic invoice process for our customers.

What is the electronic invoice?

An electronic invoice is a dematerialized invoice using the interchange of electronic data passing through a secure platform. The legal validity of this dematerialized exchange of invoices is obtained thanks to the existence and legal recognition of the electronic signature.

Advantages of electronic invoicing

Electronic Signature Role

The electronic signature consists in adding a cryptographic signature in the document which makes the identity of the signer irrefutable and the document tamper-proof.

A digitally signed contract with a solution approved by ANCE (Token or Digigo) therefore has the same value as a paper contract.


With eFawateer, you can: